How to Get the Best Auckland Dentist Prices

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Dental patients will certainly look for expert dental professionals and the lowest Auckland dental prices.

There are experienced dental providers who use premium quality equipment and materials and who only use local laboratories. This means New Zealand dental costs remain affordable. Some dentists also provide comprehensive examinations free of charge as well as Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) quotes.

Patients who need emergency dental treatment and are qualified for assistance can get a maximum of $300 in WINZ assistance. This depends on the patient’s condition. This assistance is non-recoverable (patients are not required to pay back the money). WINZ normally makes one payment for this type of treatment annually. In Auckland, Greenlane Hospital offers emergency treatment at subsidized rates. Make sure to consult your Dentist about these benefits.

The truth is NZ dental prices vary a lot. Dental costs in Auckland are said to be the highest in New Zealand, but people can compare rates for economic reasons. Various factors influence Dentists fees. It can depend on teeth condition and specific treatment. Also, competition is tough and Dentists must cover business overheads such as rental-space, the purchase of materials and equipment, and wages for Dental Assistants.

For patients with limited resources, the best option is to look for dental care and treatment providers who charge their patients reasonably. These clinics offer affordable NZ dental prices. This does not mean that treatment is compromised because experienced Dentists check patients carefully and recommend the most appropriate treatment.


Dental insurance is a primary option. It covers a broader scope of treatment procedures along with fundamental dental care. The drawback here is expensive insurance premiums but the cost is worth it. You only need to make sure the plan will fit your dental needs. Implants may not be included in the coverage. In short, it will be an out of pocket expense particularly for special treatments. Few companies provide dental insurance policies, so premiums can really be costly. Another downside with insurance is most of these policies have a limit on yearly payouts.

Regular check-ups are one way of avoiding exorbitant New Zealand dental costs. “Do not miss your yearly check-up” is something Dentists always tell their patients. See to it your teeth are clean at all times with regular brushing and flossing. Consume less sugar to avoid tooth decay, otherwise, fillings or dental extractions will become mandatory.

smile dental auckland dentist At Smile Dental, we are aware of the potential stress this may cause and our experienced team can provide you with a range of potential costs during the first visit. Our aim here at Smile Dental is to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information regarding dental procedures and costs. We will also give you tips and advice on general dental care here in Auckland.

free dental exam