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Trusted by over 10,000+ Kiwis since 1996


Experienced team

Our diverse and friendly team of expert dental professionals ensure your comfort and well-being.


Comprehensive Services

From routine check-ups to advanced treatments, all your dental needs are covered under one roof. Enjoy FREE dental examinations (excluding X-rays)!


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With 19 locations across Auckland and Palmerston North, finding your perfect dentist is easy.


Flexible Hours

We offer flexible hours, including weekends and evenings, to suit your busy schedule.

Your treatments in

Free exam (excl. x-ray)

Teeth Cleaning


Dental Crowns

Dental Bridges


Tooth Veneers

Gum Treatment

Root Canal Therapy

Teeth Whitening

Dermal Fillers


Orthodontic Treatment

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dental Implants

CEREC : Crowns / Veneers in One Visit

Emergency dental services

Tooth Extraction

WINZ Quotes – Urgent Dental Treatment

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Once you submit the request form below, our friendly staff will be in contact with you to set up a dental appointment at a time that suits you. In case you need an urgent appointment, please contact us on 0800 476 453
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Allie Kat
April 3, 2024

Excellent staff and service. Would recommend

Rovina Schofield
March 24, 2024

Dr Karis did my last minute wisdom tooth extraction and this was the most painless experience I have ever had. Didn't feel the needle at all which was the thing I was extremely terrified off and within two minutes my teeth was out. Amazing experience thank you.

Whaiora Mareikura
March 23, 2024

Kind service prompt appointment, and quote given the same day I rung

Trisha Cuteness
March 21, 2024

I would like to thank Dr. Teresa and her Team today for my wisdom teeth removal. You are truly incredible. Thank you for always making it a great experience for me and making me feel comfortable. I have been seeing Dr. Teresa for my dental needs for 18 years now and am in awe of her skills. Thank you so much again Dr. Teresa, you rock!!!

Esperedion Edles
March 17, 2024

Thank you so much Dr. Teresa Leung for the professional expertise. She is very accomodating and humble person. I do also appreciate the staff as well. Thank you so much. God Speed🫶

Oriana Laupepa
February 22, 2024

Lovely ladies. Very professional and straight to the point. Great service. Thank you.

Sarah Christina Duin
February 2, 2024

I highly recommend Smile dental Papakura. I have had 2 filings on teeth I thought were beyond saving. Beautiful job both times

Georgia K
December 10, 2023

Great service. Abscess and given appointment in 2.25 hours' time. Really efficient and helpful. Tooth extracted and given script for antibiotics. Good price too. Very nice staff.

Stafford Hutchinson
November 29, 2023

Very comfortable, good conversation, BIG HELP!

Michael Reid
November 25, 2023

I was a walk in when I first came to smile dental and I explained my situation and the lovely ladies where exceptional with meeting my needs and infact they gave me a instant appointment on the spot . I felt very well looked after and the staff were so professional and friendly and straight to the point. I will be using there facilities from now on

Jessica Savident mason
November 24, 2023

Great 😊

mitali vinay
November 16, 2023

highly recommended!!

Amanda McDougall
October 19, 2023

Very happy with my experience at smile dental and found them very professional 😀

Michelle Sander
September 15, 2023

Dr Theresa Thank you so much for not hesitating to fit me in and helping me overcome my severe toothache. I'm so scared of dentist's and your gentle caring approach to my procedure was amazing. Thank you

Amanda Allan
July 6, 2023

Lovely people. Made things so easy and stress free.

Ruzan Forrest
June 8, 2023

The staff here is highly professional, friendly and emphatic. I visit them every six months and always get a high quality service. Highly recommend.

I feel very satisfied with my treatment very fast and effective work towards my teeth feeling way better than before ... Thank you very much 1 more appointment to go...

Rob McLean
April 30, 2023

Huge thank you Dr Karis and team. Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, always explain the treatment and costs associated.

syvonne ibarra
April 15, 2023

Dr Teresa is helpful and kind.

Teresa Katipa
February 24, 2023

Great Dentist very friendly & careful. 1st visit to this Surgery will definitely be going back again

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