Don’t Let Your Stained Teeth Stain Your Confidence

Your teeth are among the first features that other people will notice about you. You feel confident when you know you can always flash a big smile every time you meet someone new. Sadly, people with stained teeth or dark filled teeth tend to lose this confidence. They act differently. Their lips barely move when they talk or they cover their mouth with their hand when they laugh.

If you don’t want to live your life in embarrassment, it is imperative to know the best ways for you to flash the brightest smiles without any inhibition.

Stained Teeth

What Causes Stains on Your Teeth?

For some people, dimming of whiteness or yellowing of teeth is due to aging or hereditary. They can practice all precautions available but still end up with stained teeth. Only a few people have been blessed with naturally white teeth and many of those with pearly white teeth probably had some help along the way to achieve such brightness. So, there is no need for you to feel bad when your teeth aren’t as perfectly white as you want them to.

Now, dark filled teeth can also be the result of other factors. Drinking beverages like coffee, red wine, tea and some juices with dye in them can result in stained teeth. Another culprit is smoking. But the most common one is not brushing your teeth at night before you go to bed.

What to Do When You Have Stained Teeth

Brush your teeth regularly. This should be done at least twice every day, especially before you sleep at night.

Get a thorough cleaning and check up with a hygienist.

Visit your dentist as he is knowledgeable on how to address the problem and what will work best for your dark filled teeth.

Research about stained teeth and learn about the different brands, liquids, and trays you can use. See what products work for other people with the similar case.

Get your teeth bleached.

Can You Prevent Stained Teeth at Home?

There is actually nothing advised by the dental community for home use when it comes to getting rid of dark filled teeth. Various things and products have already been tried at home, such as hydrogen peroxide, bleaches, acidic juices, cleaning products, whitening agents and even scrubbing pads and liquids. The truth is, there are more dangers in using these than you would ever know. You can ingest the chemicals, hurt your gums or these can take off the enamel from your teeth which can lead to considerable damage and pain.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do with stained teeth is prevention. Make sure that you brush your teeth two times a day particularly before going to bed. This tip cannot be stressed enough. Don’t forget to have regular visits to the dentist and don’t wait for a problem to take place before you decide to drag yourself there. While not everyone likes seeing a dentist, an ounce of prevention is more than worth a pound of cure.

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