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If you are on a benefit, pension,  student allowance or you are on a limited income,  you may be entitled to financial assistance from WINZ for URGENT dental treatment.

Smile Dental has WINZ registered Dentists located across Auckland and they are happy to provide you with a FREE quote to take to WINZ .


What is available?

Urgent Dental Treatment

If you need help with urgent dental treatment and are eligible for assistance then WINZ will generally allow up to $300.00 for your treatment which is non-recoverable (you don’t have to pay it back). They may be able to assist you with more depending on your situation.

WINZ will generally only make one payment for urgent dental treatment per year.

Essential Dental Treatment

How much you are entitled to will depend on your situation.

Community Services Card

If you have a Community Services Card, you may be able to get dental treatment through your local hospital at subsidised rates.

Talk to your dentist about this.


* They may not be able to cover the full cost of treatment. You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for this help. You may have to pay the money back depending on your situation.

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