Sensitive Teeth – Know How to Get Rid of It Effectively

Sensitive Teeth

Only some know how to get rid of sensitive teeth effectively and permanently because they don’t understand its real cause. For those who don’t know, sensitive teeth are basically the signal of something more serious because it is the first sign of dental disease.

Generally, sensitive teeth cause pain when a person is exposed to cold, hot or acid drinks or foods. Most adults have experienced sensitive teeth with different level of intensity that may remain or disappear, making people confused why they suffer from tooth sensitivity.

However, you don’t have to suffer from sensitive teeth and these can be avoided. There are some methods on how to subdue the pain that treats symptoms and may fix the issue. The best and permanent solution to sensitive teeth may be achieved only if you understand its main causes.

Among the temporary fixes to ease tooth sensitivity include mouthwashes, toothpaste, sealants, and gels to harden enamel that will wear out in the end. This technique isn’t effective at all since this doesn’t provide the solution as it doesn’t tackle the primary cause for sensitive teeth.

If your tooth sensitivity isn’t related to dental problems including cracked tooth, tooth decay, exposed tooth roots, worn filling, and gum disease that it’s the start of the process of tooth decay. In a lot of cases, worn tooth enamel is a direct result of demineralization of the tooth, which is the reason for sensitive teeth.

One may experience sensitivity in majority of teeth simultaneously or in a particular tooth only, yet both of these are the result of the process of demineralization. Experiencing tooth sensitivity in a particular tooth might be more serious since this is alert to what’s coming next and this signals tooth decay.

When demineralization process is started, excess acid in the diet will aggravate the issue. One must avoid all acid foods, particularly acid drinks temporarily until remineralization process of the teeth is maintained and completed on a normal level so that teeth are strong and hard again, most especially enamel.

To cure sensitive teeth or sore teeth in a permanent manner, you should start by improving your nutrition through consuming rich whole foods and getting rid of sugar from your diet. You have to remember that some nutritional elements are important in maintaining healthy teeth. If you want to ensure that you are doing the right way of curing sensitive teeth, always consult first your dentist. The reason behind it is that your dentist already knows your dental history and might have the best solution for your problem.

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