Say goodbye to tooth decay and other dental problems

Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life. In this state, you enjoy freedom from any tooth problem. Taking proper care of your mouth and teeth is a lifetime obligation that begins from childhood; if neglected, you will suffer from teeth and gum problems in the coming years.

Common Teeth Problems

Decayed Teeth

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In-mouth bacteria or germs make acids that erode your tooth. They caused a hole or cavity in the tooth. Untreated rotten tooth causes infection, pain, and tooth loss. Plaque, that clear and sticky substance containing bacteria, are formed in your gums and teeth. They are voracious feeders on the sugar-content in your food. As the bacteria continue feeding, they also make acids. Acids attack the teeth within 20 minutes or more after you eat. Over time, these acids destroy tooth enamel that causes tooth decay.

Fillings is to remove the decay and restore your tooth to its full usage. Removing the decay prevents the cavity from getting bigger and will help prevent the tooth from needing either extraction or root canal treatment if the decay reached the pulp of the tooth.

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Crooked Teeth

There are many reasons why some teeth are crooked, twisted or overlapped. In a small mouth, teeth are crowded or shifted; difference in the size of lower and upper jaws or they are malformed and sometimes lower jaw are extended towards the front pushing lower teeth and jaw to go over the teeth above. Crooked teeth also run in the family. Lopsided bites are the result of early deprivation baby or adult teeth; inaccurate dental restoration fits; inflammation of the gums, disproportionate teeth & gums pressure, jaws or mouth tumors; or bad practices in kids as sucking the thumb, thrusting of the tongue and using the bottle and pacifier beyond the age of three.

Broken Tooth

In case your tooth is broken, store the fragment in milk and immediately go to your dentist. He glues the tooth back in place. For lost fragments, your dentist will use a tooth-colored filling material to cover the space. If only back part of the tooth is broken, it can be filled or crowned. In extreme cases when nerves are exposed, to remedy a broken tooth, a root canal treatment is needed.

Worn Teeth

Tooth wear is the progressive loss of the teeth surface causing dental trauma or tooth decay. According to studies from the National Surveys, age increases worn teeth and are more prevalent on male rather than female. Tooth wear is caused by three phenomena: (i) erosion is the continuous loss of the tooth substance by acid or chemical dissolution, and not involving bacteria; (ii) attrition is the ongoing loss of hard tooth substances due to much mastication or grinding happening between the opposing teeth; and (iii) abrasion is the accelerating loss of the tooth’s enamel caused by machines other than chewing or tooth contacts.

Schedule a Visit to Your Dentist following any of these:

  • An abscessed tooth;
  • Bleeding, red or swollen gums;
  • Chewing difficulty;
  • Continuing halitosis;
  • A nagging toothache;
  • Over sensitivity to temperature;
  • Slacken permanent tooth.

Regular dental visits can preserve your attractive smile. The absence of broken tooth, crooked teeth, and worn teeth or even tooth decay tells your dentists a lot about your overall health. Bid goodbye to your dental problems as you are in the best health condition to face them.

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