Root canal causes and treatment

Root canal is a condition in which the tooth is treated in such a manner that the blood vessels are removed due to infection. The root of the teeth is removed to make sure that the infection is treated and then the tooth is covered to keep it in place without damage. There is no need of root canal treatment for normal teeth. In case of infection due to bacteria a layer of germs is made on the surface of teeth. This layer continues to grow with time and reaches the delicate portions of teeth. In start the germs eliminate the hard covering of the teeth and then reach at the soft portions and result in severe pain.

In such cases the need of root canal arises due to which the tooth is cleaned by a professional in dentistry and all the germs are eliminated. Then the supply of blood is removed to eliminate the chances of further infection as the germs could enter into bloodstream and result in pain and infection. When the blood vessels are removed as a result of root canal then the teeth is covered to make sure it can remain in place. Such treatment is used to make sure that the teeth could remain safe for a long time period and remain in place for normal use.

root canal

Advantages of root canal treatment

There are many types of advantages of using root canal treatment.

  • Normal chewing without pain
  • Control of sensation and biting in teeth
  • Appearance becomes normal and natural
  • Health of other teeth in mouth is not adversely affected

If a teeth is infected and root canal treatment is needed then it is important to take immediate steps to make sure that the infection could be eliminated on time. Delays in treatment for root canal cases could lead to spreading of infection to other teeth and the person has to suffer from a lot of pain and loss of many teeth.

Preserving the teeth

After getting root canal treatment the normal supply of blood is removed from the teeth. In such cases it is important to have a protective cover on the teeth. This cover is made in the form of a metallic crown on teeth which helps to keep the teeth safe from extra pressure and wear and tear. Professionals in dentistry take measurement of teeth and make the crowns to protect and preserve the teeth of the patient. Some visits are required in order to have a complete treatment of root canal and making the crown.

Care is needed to make sure that teeth can remain in place after root canal treatments. If crown is not used even then the teeth can be used in normal manner with proper care. After the treatment of root canal the problems of pain are eliminated and the infection is removed. This helps in keeping the teeth in place and the user can use the teeth for many years. Fully grown teeth can remain in place with support from surrounding tissues and teeth even after the blood supply is eliminated as a result of root canal treatment.

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