‘Queries of Foul Breathing’

You wake up in the morning and you have rotten breath is fairly understandable as you have your mouth closed for several hours during your sleep. But what if you continue to have a rotten smell all day long and it causes you to feel embarrassed all the time. Whether you are in your office, institution or at home talking to someone and the person talking to you hesitate while having a chat and tries to avoid you. This may even lead to a state of depression in some cases because the person feels lonesome in such matters. People may even target you and say what don’t you brush your teeth? Or do you even bother to floss? Or someone lately asked, did you have garlic at lunch? Such queries are troublesome for you to answer because you don’t have a definite answer for it. Back in your mind, you think you have brushed your teeth twice and had done floss too then what is that thing causing you to have bad breath.

bad breath

Few factors of bad breath

There are various answers to this query because there is no fixed reason for it and obviously not because that you don’t regularly brush your teeth. Usually bad breath is caused by the breakdown of food but other factors include poor oral health, stomach disease, dry mouth, tobacco consumption and severe dieting. The debate is not that you brush or floss your teeth daily or not, the actual concern is whether you brush your teeth in an appropriate manner or not. If you brush your teeth in a rush then it may cause to leave out certain food particle inside your mouth which generate bad mouth odor. Not only that it led you to have a foul breathing also it causes your teeth to abscess. Tooth infections are the ultimate pain you have to go through as a result of it.

Oral health

The oral health is also food dependent, some food likes garlic and onion add in to your problem of having bad breath. If the particles of these food items are not expelled out of your body you will continue to have foul breathing regardless of brushing your teeth, flossing or using a mouth wash. It will temporarily fade out for some time but will come back again to let you face humiliation. That is why it must be kept in mind to take such food items in fixed proportions to save yourself from embarrassment.


Xerostomia is another factor that causes you to have bad breath, it leads you to have a dry mouth because of the decrease in your saliva flow. Saliva filters out the food particles you eat that remains in your mouth and cause odor problems. In all oral health is massively important to ponder upon and to save yourself from having an undue embarrassment. There are a few factors that must be practiced in an adequate manner and to get yourself medically checked properly if the problem continues to sustain over a longer period of time.

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