The Process

ClinCheck® Software.
Customised 3D treatment plan

Visualise your treatment plan including the progressive movements and your expected final position of your teeth

3D computer imaging technology allows for precise and effective treatment

Individually customised for a more comfortable fit

Treatment Process

You and your doctor have decided that Invisalign treatment is right for you. What comes next?

Step 1

Dental records are taken (e.g. photos, X-rays, intra-oral scans and/or impressions)

Step 2

Your individual 3D treatment plan is created using your records and treatment prescription

Step 3

A series of custom-made aligners are made using advanced 3D computer imaging printing technology. Your aligners are shipped to this dental practice, and we will contact you to make your first aligner-fitting appointment

Step 4

You will be fitted with your aligners and given 3-4 sets to take home

Step 5

At check ups every 6 – 8 weeks, your doctor will give you the next 3 – 4 aligners in the series

Step 6

You will be fitted for retainers, which will help protect your new smile by holding your teeth in their new position

Treatment Duration

The Invisalign System is the clear way to a beautiful smile

Wear for
20-22 hrs/day

Remove to eat,
brush and floss

Replace to next aligner
every 1-2 weeks

What to expect during treatment

The SmartTrack® aligner material, SmartForce® features and SmartStage® Technology have been specifically designed to optimise tooth movement control and aligner-patient fit.

All patients

  • Additional aligners
  • Retention at the end of treatment
  • Compliance indicator and eruption tabs

In some cases

  • Elastics (a)
  • Attachments (b)
    – Size, position, quantity vary from patient to patient
  • Bite ramps
  • Polishing / contouring
  • Power Ridge Features
  • If you need an extraction, your aligner will conceal the space (c)

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