Invisalign at Smile Dental

Can any dentist treat me with Invisalign?

No. dentists must complete specialised training to become qualified Invisalign providers.
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Is Invisalign treatment painful?

You may experience some discomfort (usually a feeling of pressure) for a few days with each change of aligners. This is completely normal and is a sign that Invisalign is doing its job – moving your teeth to their new, straighter position. Any pain you may experience with Invisalign is noticeably less than the pain and anxiety metal braces can cause.

Why do I need Orthodontic Treatment?

When your teeth is not in perfect alignment, orthodontic treatment can help to gradually move your teeth – using small, gradual forces – back to their desired position using either traditional braces or other aligner-type brackets. Some of the most commonly treated orthodontic problems are: Crowded teeth; widely or unevenly spaced teeth; overbite; underbite; and crossbite. Depending on your particular issue and its severity, a typical treatment can take anywhere between 6 months to three years to produce the desired outcome.

Free Invisalign Consultation

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