Gum disease causes and treatments


Gum disease is caused due to infections and germs in the mouth. It is important to take good care of mouth and gums to remain safe from gum disease. As a result of gum disease the normal working of gums is disturbed. Gums become swollen and painful and lead to inflammation. If the problem continues then the soft tissues are damaged and there are chances of losing the teeth. You must take good care of your gums to make sure that you can remain safe from gum disease.

Causes and treatment

There are many types of germs and bacteria in the mouth which are to be eliminated by using normal cleaning of teeth and gums. If cleaning is not done properly then the germs and bacteria attack on the teeth and gums. As a result gum disease starts and the symptoms are shown in the form of inflammation and pain in gums.

In start plaque is formed in mouth and it can be removed by cleaning and brushing. If plaque is not removed then it is hardened and changed to tarter. This cannot be removed by brushing and leads to different types of problems for teeth and gums. Professionals in dentistry can remove tarter from teeth and help in keeping the gums healthy and normal.



There are different types of symptoms related to gum disease

  • Breath becomes bad
  • Gums become swollen and reddish in color
  • Gums become tender and bleeding
  • There is pain while chewing
  • Teeth are lost
  • Teeth become sensitive
  • Gums start to leave the teeth

Risk factors

There are different types of risk factors associated with gum disease

  • Smoking is leading to gum disease. Chances of success of treatment of gum disease are also lower in smokers as compared with other people who are not smoking
  • Different types of hormonal changes in the body can lead to different types of gum disease specially in ladies
  • Those people who are suffering from diabetes have more chances of getting gum disease
  • Different types of health related issues including cancer and AIDS are also adversely affecting the health of gums and lead to gum disease
  • Different types of medicines can adversely affect the working of body and the production of saliva is disturbed in mouth which can lead to gum disease
  • Genetics are also involved in gum disease as some people have more diseases for gums as compared with others

It is important to take good care of gums to make sure that germs can be eliminated and gum disease could be removed. Those people who are careful about cleaning their mouth by brushing and using other means are able to have healthy teeth and gums without problems. Careless attitudes in cleaning the teeth and gums can lead to gum disease which is painful and leading to problems.

If you feel pain in gums or have some inflammation and swelling in gums then you must start to clean your teeth and gums properly. Proper cleaning and care could keep the gums healthy and work in a normal manner. If you cannot control the problems of gum disease then you must take help from a dentist.

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