Sunil Mall



Special Interests

My name is Sunil Mall, and I am the Oral health therapist working at Smile Dental. I graduated from the University of Otago in 2010. For me, I work in the field that I am very passionate about and look to share my passion with as many people as possible. I take pride in my work and look to provide excellent care to my patients. I love to work with my patients to incorporate solutions to tend to their lives to achieve the best results possible.

I have worked in a lot of different areas around the county, including large cities like Auckland to small towns like Whakatane and Levin. I have met and befriended people from many walks of life gaining me very valuable to an insight of peoples of different lifestyles.  I believe in an honest approach towards my patients and practice. I’m a hard worker and I work very well with patients who may be a bit nervous towards dental procedures.

Outside the clinic I love the outdoors and have an interest in photography, taking photos in Nature especially. Whenever able to, I like to get out to do some Hiking and love to spend time with my Family and Friends. I play sports such and Basketball, Cricket and Badminton, yet also enjoy to cook, trying new and exotic dishes and watch Movies.

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