Dr. Rachel Lindsay

Dr.-Rachel-Lindsay_c213993c9f209de4fef1bfefe1636a6d 260×364

Title: Dentist

Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Language: English

Special Interest: General dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry

Branch: CBD, Henderson, Albany

Rachel received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Otago. Rachel is friendly, professional and passionate about dentistry. She is able to communicate effectively and develop a strong rapport with both patients and colleagues. She places great importance on including her patients in the treatment planning process, ensuring they are well informed of treatments and procedures.

She has a passion for learning and seeks to always maintain an excellent level of care for her patients.

Rachel’s personal interests include going to the gym and walking to stay fit. In the summer she loves to go waterskiing and in the winter, skiing. She places a strong emphasis on spending quality time with her friends and family.

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