Dr. Paul Vickery

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Title: Dentist


Language: English


Branch: Onehunga

I have always been interested in science and human biology and love being a dentist because I can apply these skills in a practical way.

I value working with people and communities and enjoy improving their lives – tooth by precious tooth! Whether it is helping to lift someone’s confidence by improving their smile or simply getting people out of pain I feel blessed to be a part of the dental profession.

I prefer to take a holistic approach to treatment by identifying underlying causes and then working as a team with patients to improve the situation. It always amazes me how the human body can heal and repair itself and this is why I love preventative dentistry.
Outside of work I have a passion for the outdoors and nature and spend time fostering these interests with my 2 young children. Whether tramping/hiking or skiing I love being out in the elements and feel right at home in our amazing New Zealand.