Dr. Nicholas Choo

Sylvia Park, Takanini, Somerville


Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction, Craddock Prize, Gold medal in Clinical Dentistry


English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka

Special Interests

General dentistry, Oral surgery, Prosthodontic

Nicholas graduated from University of Otago with distinction in Bachelor of Dental Surgery. He also received Craddock prized (for best student in complete removable denture) in 4th year and gold medal in Clinical Dentistry in his final year of study.

Besides, he is a patient dentist who believe in the importance of rebuilding self-esteem in patient by helping his patient to regain their smile again. Nicholas focuses in all aspect of dentistry in order to provide high quality of care to his patient.

In year 2014, he received scholarship to carry out research title “Strain specific colonization of the fitting surface of acrylic dentures by Candida albicans”. In the following year, he carried out research to compare Candida albicans strains collected from denture patients in New Zealand and oral cancer patient in Sri Lanka.

Born in Malaysia, Nicholas is able to communicate in English, Mandarin and various Chinese dialects. Nicholas enjoys fishing, snowboarding, playing guitar and listening to music during his free time.

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