Dental Implants : The best option for missing teeth

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dental implants

Teeth do not usually last a lifetime. Teeth crack or get decayed for many reasons. The leading causes include inferior oral hygiene, improper nutrition, sugary substances, acidic beverages, and age.

Implant dentists of Smile Dental in Auckland can provide the best answer for replacement of missing teeth. Teeth which are not replaced promptly can lead to breaking of other teeth. This creates bigger problems.

Dental implants have been used widely in many countries for the last five decades. This approach is said to be more preferred compared to endodontic or root canal treatment, bridgework (fixed dental restoration) and resin-bonded bridges (metal framework fortified by resin). The implant is a metal frame or post embedded through surgery into the jawbone under the gums. Implant dentists of Smile Dental in Auckland can fix the replacement teeth once these are in position.

There are advantages if you decide to choose an implant dentist. The main benefit is the implant is done to appear like a natural tooth. The crown (artificial tooth) is shaped so it is similar to a genuine tooth. It is not easy to differentiate implants from normal teeth even if you look at closely.

According to implant dentists, it functions like natural teeth. The structure resembles the root of real teeth while the replacement is secured on the jaw. The artificial tooth fitted above the crown is functional. Dental implants offer the same force while chewing unlike detachable bridges or traditional dentures. There is no need to take away the implants since these stay in the mouth.

The third benefit is dental implants are lasting. False teeth require every seven to 10 years but the implant is permanent since it is attached to the mouth. In the long-term, this procedure is more cost-effective compared to dentures which need to be changed from time to time. The majority of implant dentists recommend implants when teeth surrounding the gap are strong.

How much does the treatment cost? It is advisable to obtain dental implant quotes before scheduling the implant procedure.

For many people, the standard bridges and dentures feel uncomfortable because of painful spots, poor ridges or retching. Besides, the bridges should be secured to teeth on both sides of the holes left by the missing teeth. With implants, no contiguous teeth must be prepared or to hold the replacement teeth in position.

dental implantsBefore & After Photos – Dental Implants

Professional implant dentists of Smile Dental in Auckland will tell patients to have healthy gums and ample boned to hold up the implant. Consistent oral hygiene practices and regular visits to the dentist are essential. Otherwise, patients also have to consider that implants are more expensive compared to other tooth replacement procedures. Insurance companies usually answer for less than 10% of dentist fees. View our implant dentists : Dr. Jacky Lam , Dr. Abdulla Salman .

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