Smile Dental Christmas Party 2015

Our vision is to be New Zealand’s best dental group.

Being the best means that we always strive to excel in everything we do. Our caring team provides the highest quality dental service so that our customers are happy they choose Smile Dental.


We had an Awesome Christmas Party at Smile Kitchen last Saturday. Thanks for coming and had a wonderful night. Merry Christmas!


Dr. Jacky Lam : “Thank you all for backing me up when I am away ! Even 20 years coming up, we are still quite young and still learning… Hope you all can treat here home and love each other’s in this family ! “


Dr. Melissa Kim: “Thank you to all the staff at Smile Dental on behalf of us new grads ! Everyone was so friendly and nice – we felt very welcome : ) Looking forward to working with you all .”


The Excellent New Staff of The Year Award — Cindy Zhu

” I had a wonderful and unforgettable night with all the colleague, we getting know more about each other and very welcome for the new dentists coming next year. I should say I am very happy working in this company. Thank you for the recognition and encouragement from Dr. Jacky and Penelope, thank you everyone I met here, you are so awesome…” — Cindy Zhu

The Excellent Staff of The Year Award — Banah Mostafa

” I wanted to say big thanks for my lovely Boss Dr. Jacky and lovely Manager Penelope for the nice Christmass party and for the generous gift you awarded me this year. I feel very lucky to work for Smile Dental Company. The support and care you show for your staff is truly commendable. I always been proud to say that I am working at Smile Dental… Thanks for everyone at Smile Dental my second family.” — Banah Mostafa

The Excellent Dentist of The Year — Dr. Abdulla Salman


The Patient Most Beloved Dentist / Staff Award

——  Dr. Ala Al-Attar / Aradhna Lal

“Dear Dr. Jacky, I would like to thank you so much for this great night and beautiful Xmas party. Many thanks for the nice gift I appreciate being awarded …

Nurses : help keeping clinics clean and presentable, and give good assistant to the dentist, many thanks to the great lady Penelope and my assistant Aradhna and Lucy and every one who support me during my work with Smile Dental.”—— Dr. Ala Al-Attar

” I feel so proud to be in Smile Dental and just want to thank you my Boss Dr. Jacky and our Manager Penelope for such a big and lovely gift yesterday for our Christmas party.

Thank you to all our family members in Smile Dental and all our Dentist we all do work hard and do provide better dental service. “—— Aradhna Lal


GM Penelope : ” When you light this candle, remember Jesus Christ is the light. He is the way, the truth and the life ! Merry Christmas to you and your family. “

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